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Omega Downs 5 First Night

by Dressian, 4 days ago

What an exciting way to start our raid week by downing 5 bosses, 2 new (Brackenspore and Twins).

Some clean up required on some fights yet, but overall I cannot say enough on how great it was raiding with everyone who came last night.

Of course the ante is higher for Wednesday now, as we have the last 2 bosses of the raid to contend with and let's make the most of Wednesday and drop some more bosses.

Brackenspore was absorbed by the ground after we added water.  Tharamis thought we were playing with a Chia Pet.

Herbs Anyone

One of the Twins decided they were camera shy.

Twins not Triplets

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Alpha said fuck you to some new bosses... 2 of them!

by Tiamaishu, 5 days ago

Such a good job tonight by our peeps... very good adaptions made.. even with Al's face pulls.   TeeHee



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A peek inside an Alpha Raid....

by Tiamaishu, 6 days ago

On behalf of all the Alpha raid members, we would like to wish everyone in the guild a very Merry Christmas this 2014.   We also would like to share a little insight to an Alpha raid night and it's Mumble chat..... and the silly shiz we do.   Thank you Stilleta for making our night awesome and owning up to our success of our first night raiding and performing for us.    Really nice work for being put on the spot!

One of my other favorite parts to this vid is the Summer/Al reaction closer to the end of the video.   Cracked me up.

I foresee more of this in the future?   Yeah baby!    Speak up with any ideas.   Wewt!

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